Gods restored

The end...

After the epic battle the Pc’s are free to ravage the temple for whatever they might find as well as discovering a book that tells of the Valley of dust and fire as well as the dragon king Travel to Valley You must cross the sea of silt, cross the land of dust and scale the mountain of fire to enter the Valley of Dust and Fire Enter Valley- the wind stops and there is a magnificent city at the bottom of the valley In the center of the city is a huge palace. A well goes around the palace and it looks like there are more buildings inside the walls. The people in the town are hospitable and will sell to the PC’s as long as they don’t mention the dragon king by name, “the mighty one” or “He” Castle- 50 ft. high walls w. templars every 200 yds. And regular guards every 50 yards Inside of the walls- front gate with 4 templars and 6 gladiators (climb 35 twice) to get up.

The Dragon King- How do you think it ended for the party?

the rest of the baddies and then some

Sassui Quest (Optional) Between Kurn and Tyr- At night during 1st watch (listen 17) there is a buzzing sound, thri-kreens sneak in and steal the AutumnBlade Zook can use his bardic knowledge to try and remember where the lair is located (1 day east of location) Band of 15 thrikreeens- 7 5th level, 4 3rd level, 4 7th level and Sassui* If the PC’s defeat the raiders they get their item back plus the following: Long sword +2, 6,000cp, 12,500 bp, psionic stone (one wild talent), 4 gp, ring of freedom of movement, boots of elevnkind (+10 ms), ring with one wish left (1 ruby), Crystal short sword of severance +1(deals 3d8 damage to undead) breaks if max damage is dealt. Search for Tarrasque PC’s arrive in Tyr and can then go rummaging through the city as well as pursuing the Tarrasque 3 days of searching- 4 battles 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, 3rd night Morning of the 4th day- the tarrasque appears Tarrasque battle

Head for Deadlands 6 days travel- 3rd day there is a small group of huts (resupply) 5th day- fight with gith yanki (3 of them) lvl. 10 psionic warriors Githyanki- 120 hp AC 24 +4 initiative Arrive at the deadlands- Attacked by Ogtar and his undead- trinthakis knows you’re here Ogtar- 107 hp AC 16 Treasure- scimitar +3 of speed, boots of haste (move at normal speed), gauntlets of ogre power (+4) Battles and Ambushes- Undead are prowling everywhere; in buildings, in alleys, everywhere. Trin has reavers on patrol. (thanks to Terry Brooks for the idea) Reaver- 200hp AC: 25 Attack: claw-+18/+18 bite +18 claw-1d10+6 bite- 2d8+6 Virtually every street is booby-trapped You finally meet Trin at the door to a great temple of some lost god. “Ah. At last we meet again. For nearly 4,000 years I have waited to send you to hell. That’s a long time to wait but I feel I’ve made the best of it; see for yourselves, my beautiful creation” she vanishes in a puff of smoke. Another roll of thunder can be heard, this time there;s almost a beat to it. PC’s realize something big is coming (spot 35-undergorund) they can react if they know where it’s coming from. The hulking form of another tarrasque bursts through the ground, it has chains dangling from it’s neck and limbs and it looks underfed; it’s bones are sticking out as though starved. Its eyes are empty and it wreaks of death. Undead Tarrasque battle ensues* Enter temple (conversation with Trinthakis) She starts off w/gem to animate parts of the temple (animated object and stone golems) The middle of the room is trapped w/ arrows (5d8), fireballs(10d10), electric floor(10d8), and falling rocks (6d12) Reflex 35 for each one They all go off at the same time for whoever is unfortunate enough to trigger them.

1 day of travel leads you into the city of 1,000 dead  thunder can be heard, it shakes the ground and makes the city seem alive


Possessions: Glamered Elven chainmail +3 of invulnerability (spd 30, asf 20%, dex +4, acp –2, and weighs 20 lbs.), Sapphire of Life, sling +3, +3 acid sling bullets (+2d6 acid),

We're gonna be gods!

To become gods you must complete the following feats: You must seek out and destroy the sword bearer who resides in the Nexus (to the North East) You must defeat the scourge of Tyr and devour its soul, mind and essence of life You must finish your quarrel with the dark one After these three feats have been accomplished you can then travel to the Valley of Dust and Fire to face the Dragon King How you accomplish these feats and in which order is entirely up to you. I can tell you that The Nexus is probably the best starting point. Ziranne After speaking to the elder there is an attack by a banshee (wail fort 26 or die) the elder rushes into the hut and says, “You must run it comes for you” - Journey to the Nexus leave that night (3 days to Kurn, 2 more to Nexus 2nd night- attack by Malebranches during 2nd watch Malebranche: 160hp AC24 -1 initiative “Ziranne has heard of what you intend & has sent us to stop you” wielding +1warcleaver +25/+20/+15/+10 2d8+16, bit +22 2d6+5 3rd night nothing, 3rd day the banshee is seen (spot 30) Kurn- resupply, find out where Nexus is. If they stay at a tavern they here of thrikreen raiders (sassui), a mystical beast near Tyr, the deadlands are stirring, evil is growing near the valley of dust and fire. - Leave Kurn attacked by banshee 1st night out Banshee: “Haha! I’ve found you”/die- “Ziranne said you might be stronger than last time you met but you’re still no match for him 2nd day & night- a cactus kills an Erdlu that night 3rd day- arrive at Nexus A huge circular formation of jagged mountains encircling a pit. A narrow valley provides the only reasonable entrance into the pit. It takes 1 day to get through the valley and to the bottom of the pit 3 battles by various demons 2 kytons, 1 cornugan, 2 hellcats and a Gelugon Save room –take a break and such Enter the Nexus “at the bottom of the pit is a large corridor” at the end of the corridor there is a large room with no walls visible only darkness- when you enter the room the path out disappears and the large demonic figure of Ziranne emerges from the darkness.

Treasure: Autumn Blade, Devil’s luck and scabbard of keen edges, +5 composite longbow, 100gp, +2 field plate

After the battle with Ziranne the Nexus starts to cave in. (str 20 to open door). There is a demon in the passageway leading out, you can either fight it or run. Reflex 25 gaps and falling objects (3 checks-hole, falling, hole)
To be gods, or not to be?

IV. Desert World A. where are we? too/tat, no wagon B. met traveling caravan 1. everyone looks strange; 7 elves IV. Desert World 2. gear starts disappearing C. The Tarrasque! 1. PC’s and Caravan get into an argument 2. Tarrasque raises up and destroys caravan 3. PC’s scatter; regroup to the North D. Go to Tyr. 1. New environment; resupply 2. blue is royalty or distinguished 3. Kyfe gets mugged for gold; loses hammers 4. PC’s regroup and prepare to leave E. the doll 1. girl gives Ahlandra a doll 2. Ahlandra falls and impales herself 3. no magic to heal her 4. Aaracokra tells tale of halflings and gods F. head through mountains to Thammasku 1. fight giants 2. Aaracokra dies (hit by a stone) G. arrival at cliff 1. how to get down? 2. continue on H. Arrival Thommasku 1. strange haflings 2. meet Elder a. tale of gods and magic b. tells how PC’s can become Gods c. decision to become gods or restore them? p.

Snow World

III. Snow world A. cold, no wagon or protection That’s the second wagon you’ve lost so far B. cliff After defeating Trinthakis and Kaneda, the characters are sent through a portal that takes them into a cold and barren land. There is a raging blizzard that bites into your skin. (4 to ranged attacks, 50% lights out) As you look around it appears you are on a mountain of some sort. (Cold DC15 then DC16 fort) The characters see an overhang jutting out from the side of a cliff-like part of the mountain. When you approach (spot DC 20) you see a large sword sticking out of the ground. 1. find sword Ahlandra acquires a +5 sword The sword is Izlander. (DC 17 then 18 fort.) 2. fight night walker 3. use overhang for shelter After the fight you use the overhang where you found the sword for shelter 4. see town beyond mountains During 2nd watch the storm des down for a few hours. And you can see that there are more mountains around you and that you are about halfway up the one you’re on. Make a spot DC20 if you pass you see light coming from the other side of the next mountain. C. travel to town 1. buy supplies 2. Ahlandra’s sword is important When you arrive in the town, you can do what ever you want for the first day, try to find out where you are? (Novelette) and so on…the next day, the head of the town guard comes and asks the carrier of the sword to come with him. He says that the baron wishes to see him. You are taken to the Baron’s house, which is large and hospitable. You are all taken to a large reception area and the carrier of the sword is asked to follow the guard. Everyone else is to remain in the reception area. As soon as you are brought into the room, the Baron introduces himself as Baron Raug and then sits down. “Please be seated” as you sit down the baron suddenly exclaims, “Is that the sword!? I didn’t realize that you carried with you. Hurry we must go to Lanotan immediately. Lanotan is the capital of this kingdom 3. go to Capital D. Capital 1. Ahlandra is the new empress The sword is a symbol of leadership; the owner of the sword is proclaimed the Emperor of the land and will remain so until he/she dies or loses the sword either by giving it to someone or voluntarily giving up ownership of it. 2. Resupplied and prepare for ceremony 3. Meet strange lady; DAB and Ahlandra get mounts DAB=tiger Ahlandra=Unicorn 4. Parade starts; Ziranne attacks a. Wall of fire-goes for Ahlandra Ziranne hurls meteor upon the people and sets a wall of fire separating him and Ahlandra from everyone b. Goes invisible; Ahlandra is the only one who can’t see him c. Ziranne gets the sword 5. Ziranne sends PC’s 3750 yrs into future

horror realm part II

I. First Assassin 1. Arrive at 3rd town 2. Ahlandra and Zook go upstairs/ others stay behind Assassin kills Zook and Ahlandra while they are “talking” upstairs 3. Kyfe and DAB save the day; characters get healed 4. Leave town Ah, nothing interesting here anyway J. 3rd town to 4th town 1. 3 fights at day some deep dwarves, a cloud giant, and something equally nasty attack 2. 1 fight at night Just a stone giant K. 1 day to Castle You arrive at the happy town of Curriculo, it sucks so you leave L. The castle 1. grave worm-thing a. who is he? He’s a freakin’ worm, albeit one with much knowledge b. there’s a 2nd entrance At least he had something interesting to tell you and so nowyou don’t have to face the 3 challenges through the front door 2. fight w/ deathbringer; leave to rest; he’s back! Well, maybe the 3 challenges won’t be that bad, at least Zook got some good whips out of it 3. through the front doors a. dark naga big undead snake-thing b. clockwork things a bunch of mechanical spider-things c. 3rd challenge something bad I’m sure 4. the door to Trinthakis a. inspect the door b. Kaneda Attacks; drops Kyfe c. DAB hits; Zook casts “featherfall” Dab shoots kaneda in his foot which causes him to fall, Zook casts featherfall and the rest is history d. Human pincushion 5. through the door a. there she is! b. cut off staff arm; it grows back c. more fighting; loses other arm d. Zook gets the staff e. Trin sends them to another place…

Horror realm

II. Horror Realm A. rider-less horse you take notice of a lone, shaggy brown-black horsegrazing several yards away from the worn path many cartographers and travelers call the HighRoad. Usually such a scene is not peculiar, but atop its back is a saddle that is currentlyunoccupied and even the gear of a rider you presume. As you approach the horse remains calm and composed and unconcerned with your advance. 1. find whistle and journal of Obad-Hai 2. trail that leads north The road leads north and south; you decide to go to the north B. Ghouls attack! 1. find body of rider; ripped apart You travel northwards for about an hour when you spot the body of the rider . As you search his mutilated corpse you are set upon by ghouls 2. ghouls surround PC’s/ fairly easy C. Gray render appears and follows As you travel north you decide to hunt when you find the gray render. Instead of shooting it with an arrow (Shane) you decide to leave it be and it follows your party. D. arrival at 1st town (Neufurchtenburg) 1. where are we? get a wagon You discover that you are in a different land. With clever ingenuity and guile (stealing) you manage to acquire a quite nice wagon wich ,for some reason, you decide to heavily arm with 4 ballistas and an assortment of instruments that make the interior look a lot like a torture chamber 2. tale of the cemetery/ boy kidnapped While at the local inn you overhear a tale of a creature that is stealing the children. E. Cemetery 1. Fight w/ werewolf 2. Groog finds orb and hits it; dies after the battle Groog discovers a shiny object at bottom of mosuleum. Orb speaks, Groog no like, he hit it and it goes boom. No more Groog. 3. tale of Trinthakis The Orb reveals a strange tale of an evil drow sorceress that is planning to kill off this town and create an undead army F. Leaving town 2. Gray render leaves G. Crazy fun 1. attack by wolves A pack of 6 worgs attack; they are easily overcome using your ballistas 2. Kyfe gets a ballista in the arm For some reason Kyfe thinks he can deflect a ballista because it’s kinda like an arrow right? He loses his right arm; luckily it’s fixable and everyone’s happy 3. DAB and Ahlandra spend “time in the wagon” I guess the instruments of torture came in handy for something… 4. group decides to destroy moon Do I need to explain? 5. go find Trin; North or East? Arrive in Ludendorf; at this point you can either go north or east; you decide to go east H. Meet Gold Dragon You happen upon a great wyrm gold dragon and can either fight it (shane) or talk peaceably with it. You decide just to talk to it and you receive a luckstone and some money

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A. Adventurers meet

B. Fight Kobold horde/ close fight 1. planned ambush 2. wolves attack

C. Mist rolls in


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