Gods restored

We're gonna be gods!

To become gods you must complete the following feats: You must seek out and destroy the sword bearer who resides in the Nexus (to the North East) You must defeat the scourge of Tyr and devour its soul, mind and essence of life You must finish your quarrel with the dark one After these three feats have been accomplished you can then travel to the Valley of Dust and Fire to face the Dragon King How you accomplish these feats and in which order is entirely up to you. I can tell you that The Nexus is probably the best starting point. Ziranne After speaking to the elder there is an attack by a banshee (wail fort 26 or die) the elder rushes into the hut and says, “You must run it comes for you” - Journey to the Nexus leave that night (3 days to Kurn, 2 more to Nexus 2nd night- attack by Malebranches during 2nd watch Malebranche: 160hp AC24 -1 initiative “Ziranne has heard of what you intend & has sent us to stop you” wielding +1warcleaver +25/+20/+15/+10 2d8+16, bit +22 2d6+5 3rd night nothing, 3rd day the banshee is seen (spot 30) Kurn- resupply, find out where Nexus is. If they stay at a tavern they here of thrikreen raiders (sassui), a mystical beast near Tyr, the deadlands are stirring, evil is growing near the valley of dust and fire. - Leave Kurn attacked by banshee 1st night out Banshee: “Haha! I’ve found you”/die- “Ziranne said you might be stronger than last time you met but you’re still no match for him 2nd day & night- a cactus kills an Erdlu that night 3rd day- arrive at Nexus A huge circular formation of jagged mountains encircling a pit. A narrow valley provides the only reasonable entrance into the pit. It takes 1 day to get through the valley and to the bottom of the pit 3 battles by various demons 2 kytons, 1 cornugan, 2 hellcats and a Gelugon Save room –take a break and such Enter the Nexus “at the bottom of the pit is a large corridor” at the end of the corridor there is a large room with no walls visible only darkness- when you enter the room the path out disappears and the large demonic figure of Ziranne emerges from the darkness.

Treasure: Autumn Blade, Devil’s luck and scabbard of keen edges, +5 composite longbow, 100gp, +2 field plate

After the battle with Ziranne the Nexus starts to cave in. (str 20 to open door). There is a demon in the passageway leading out, you can either fight it or run. Reflex 25 gaps and falling objects (3 checks-hole, falling, hole)



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