Gods restored

To be gods, or not to be?

IV. Desert World A. where are we? too/tat, no wagon B. met traveling caravan 1. everyone looks strange; 7 elves IV. Desert World 2. gear starts disappearing C. The Tarrasque! 1. PC’s and Caravan get into an argument 2. Tarrasque raises up and destroys caravan 3. PC’s scatter; regroup to the North D. Go to Tyr. 1. New environment; resupply 2. blue is royalty or distinguished 3. Kyfe gets mugged for gold; loses hammers 4. PC’s regroup and prepare to leave E. the doll 1. girl gives Ahlandra a doll 2. Ahlandra falls and impales herself 3. no magic to heal her 4. Aaracokra tells tale of halflings and gods F. head through mountains to Thammasku 1. fight giants 2. Aaracokra dies (hit by a stone) G. arrival at cliff 1. how to get down? 2. continue on H. Arrival Thommasku 1. strange haflings 2. meet Elder a. tale of gods and magic b. tells how PC’s can become Gods c. decision to become gods or restore them? p.



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