Gods restored

the rest of the baddies and then some

Sassui Quest (Optional) Between Kurn and Tyr- At night during 1st watch (listen 17) there is a buzzing sound, thri-kreens sneak in and steal the AutumnBlade Zook can use his bardic knowledge to try and remember where the lair is located (1 day east of location) Band of 15 thrikreeens- 7 5th level, 4 3rd level, 4 7th level and Sassui* If the PC’s defeat the raiders they get their item back plus the following: Long sword +2, 6,000cp, 12,500 bp, psionic stone (one wild talent), 4 gp, ring of freedom of movement, boots of elevnkind (+10 ms), ring with one wish left (1 ruby), Crystal short sword of severance +1(deals 3d8 damage to undead) breaks if max damage is dealt. Search for Tarrasque PC’s arrive in Tyr and can then go rummaging through the city as well as pursuing the Tarrasque 3 days of searching- 4 battles 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, 3rd night Morning of the 4th day- the tarrasque appears Tarrasque battle

Head for Deadlands 6 days travel- 3rd day there is a small group of huts (resupply) 5th day- fight with gith yanki (3 of them) lvl. 10 psionic warriors Githyanki- 120 hp AC 24 +4 initiative Arrive at the deadlands- Attacked by Ogtar and his undead- trinthakis knows you’re here Ogtar- 107 hp AC 16 Treasure- scimitar +3 of speed, boots of haste (move at normal speed), gauntlets of ogre power (+4) Battles and Ambushes- Undead are prowling everywhere; in buildings, in alleys, everywhere. Trin has reavers on patrol. (thanks to Terry Brooks for the idea) Reaver- 200hp AC: 25 Attack: claw-+18/+18 bite +18 claw-1d10+6 bite- 2d8+6 Virtually every street is booby-trapped You finally meet Trin at the door to a great temple of some lost god. “Ah. At last we meet again. For nearly 4,000 years I have waited to send you to hell. That’s a long time to wait but I feel I’ve made the best of it; see for yourselves, my beautiful creation” she vanishes in a puff of smoke. Another roll of thunder can be heard, this time there;s almost a beat to it. PC’s realize something big is coming (spot 35-undergorund) they can react if they know where it’s coming from. The hulking form of another tarrasque bursts through the ground, it has chains dangling from it’s neck and limbs and it looks underfed; it’s bones are sticking out as though starved. Its eyes are empty and it wreaks of death. Undead Tarrasque battle ensues* Enter temple (conversation with Trinthakis) She starts off w/gem to animate parts of the temple (animated object and stone golems) The middle of the room is trapped w/ arrows (5d8), fireballs(10d10), electric floor(10d8), and falling rocks (6d12) Reflex 35 for each one They all go off at the same time for whoever is unfortunate enough to trigger them.

1 day of travel leads you into the city of 1,000 dead  thunder can be heard, it shakes the ground and makes the city seem alive


Possessions: Glamered Elven chainmail +3 of invulnerability (spd 30, asf 20%, dex +4, acp –2, and weighs 20 lbs.), Sapphire of Life, sling +3, +3 acid sling bullets (+2d6 acid),



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