Gods restored

The end...

After the epic battle the Pc’s are free to ravage the temple for whatever they might find as well as discovering a book that tells of the Valley of dust and fire as well as the dragon king Travel to Valley You must cross the sea of silt, cross the land of dust and scale the mountain of fire to enter the Valley of Dust and Fire Enter Valley- the wind stops and there is a magnificent city at the bottom of the valley In the center of the city is a huge palace. A well goes around the palace and it looks like there are more buildings inside the walls. The people in the town are hospitable and will sell to the PC’s as long as they don’t mention the dragon king by name, “the mighty one” or “He” Castle- 50 ft. high walls w. templars every 200 yds. And regular guards every 50 yards Inside of the walls- front gate with 4 templars and 6 gladiators (climb 35 twice) to get up.

The Dragon King- How do you think it ended for the party?



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