Gods restored

Snow World

III. Snow world A. cold, no wagon or protection That’s the second wagon you’ve lost so far B. cliff After defeating Trinthakis and Kaneda, the characters are sent through a portal that takes them into a cold and barren land. There is a raging blizzard that bites into your skin. (4 to ranged attacks, 50% lights out) As you look around it appears you are on a mountain of some sort. (Cold DC15 then DC16 fort) The characters see an overhang jutting out from the side of a cliff-like part of the mountain. When you approach (spot DC 20) you see a large sword sticking out of the ground. 1. find sword Ahlandra acquires a +5 sword The sword is Izlander. (DC 17 then 18 fort.) 2. fight night walker 3. use overhang for shelter After the fight you use the overhang where you found the sword for shelter 4. see town beyond mountains During 2nd watch the storm des down for a few hours. And you can see that there are more mountains around you and that you are about halfway up the one you’re on. Make a spot DC20 if you pass you see light coming from the other side of the next mountain. C. travel to town 1. buy supplies 2. Ahlandra’s sword is important When you arrive in the town, you can do what ever you want for the first day, try to find out where you are? (Novelette) and so on…the next day, the head of the town guard comes and asks the carrier of the sword to come with him. He says that the baron wishes to see him. You are taken to the Baron’s house, which is large and hospitable. You are all taken to a large reception area and the carrier of the sword is asked to follow the guard. Everyone else is to remain in the reception area. As soon as you are brought into the room, the Baron introduces himself as Baron Raug and then sits down. “Please be seated” as you sit down the baron suddenly exclaims, “Is that the sword!? I didn’t realize that you carried with you. Hurry we must go to Lanotan immediately. Lanotan is the capital of this kingdom 3. go to Capital D. Capital 1. Ahlandra is the new empress The sword is a symbol of leadership; the owner of the sword is proclaimed the Emperor of the land and will remain so until he/she dies or loses the sword either by giving it to someone or voluntarily giving up ownership of it. 2. Resupplied and prepare for ceremony 3. Meet strange lady; DAB and Ahlandra get mounts DAB=tiger Ahlandra=Unicorn 4. Parade starts; Ziranne attacks a. Wall of fire-goes for Ahlandra Ziranne hurls meteor upon the people and sets a wall of fire separating him and Ahlandra from everyone b. Goes invisible; Ahlandra is the only one who can’t see him c. Ziranne gets the sword 5. Ziranne sends PC’s 3750 yrs into future



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