Gods restored

horror realm part II

I. First Assassin 1. Arrive at 3rd town 2. Ahlandra and Zook go upstairs/ others stay behind Assassin kills Zook and Ahlandra while they are “talking” upstairs 3. Kyfe and DAB save the day; characters get healed 4. Leave town Ah, nothing interesting here anyway J. 3rd town to 4th town 1. 3 fights at day some deep dwarves, a cloud giant, and something equally nasty attack 2. 1 fight at night Just a stone giant K. 1 day to Castle You arrive at the happy town of Curriculo, it sucks so you leave L. The castle 1. grave worm-thing a. who is he? He’s a freakin’ worm, albeit one with much knowledge b. there’s a 2nd entrance At least he had something interesting to tell you and so nowyou don’t have to face the 3 challenges through the front door 2. fight w/ deathbringer; leave to rest; he’s back! Well, maybe the 3 challenges won’t be that bad, at least Zook got some good whips out of it 3. through the front doors a. dark naga big undead snake-thing b. clockwork things a bunch of mechanical spider-things c. 3rd challenge something bad I’m sure 4. the door to Trinthakis a. inspect the door b. Kaneda Attacks; drops Kyfe c. DAB hits; Zook casts “featherfall” Dab shoots kaneda in his foot which causes him to fall, Zook casts featherfall and the rest is history d. Human pincushion 5. through the door a. there she is! b. cut off staff arm; it grows back c. more fighting; loses other arm d. Zook gets the staff e. Trin sends them to another place…



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