Gods restored

Horror realm

II. Horror Realm A. rider-less horse you take notice of a lone, shaggy brown-black horsegrazing several yards away from the worn path many cartographers and travelers call the HighRoad. Usually such a scene is not peculiar, but atop its back is a saddle that is currentlyunoccupied and even the gear of a rider you presume. As you approach the horse remains calm and composed and unconcerned with your advance. 1. find whistle and journal of Obad-Hai 2. trail that leads north The road leads north and south; you decide to go to the north B. Ghouls attack! 1. find body of rider; ripped apart You travel northwards for about an hour when you spot the body of the rider . As you search his mutilated corpse you are set upon by ghouls 2. ghouls surround PC’s/ fairly easy C. Gray render appears and follows As you travel north you decide to hunt when you find the gray render. Instead of shooting it with an arrow (Shane) you decide to leave it be and it follows your party. D. arrival at 1st town (Neufurchtenburg) 1. where are we? get a wagon You discover that you are in a different land. With clever ingenuity and guile (stealing) you manage to acquire a quite nice wagon wich ,for some reason, you decide to heavily arm with 4 ballistas and an assortment of instruments that make the interior look a lot like a torture chamber 2. tale of the cemetery/ boy kidnapped While at the local inn you overhear a tale of a creature that is stealing the children. E. Cemetery 1. Fight w/ werewolf 2. Groog finds orb and hits it; dies after the battle Groog discovers a shiny object at bottom of mosuleum. Orb speaks, Groog no like, he hit it and it goes boom. No more Groog. 3. tale of Trinthakis The Orb reveals a strange tale of an evil drow sorceress that is planning to kill off this town and create an undead army F. Leaving town 2. Gray render leaves G. Crazy fun 1. attack by wolves A pack of 6 worgs attack; they are easily overcome using your ballistas 2. Kyfe gets a ballista in the arm For some reason Kyfe thinks he can deflect a ballista because it’s kinda like an arrow right? He loses his right arm; luckily it’s fixable and everyone’s happy 3. DAB and Ahlandra spend “time in the wagon” I guess the instruments of torture came in handy for something… 4. group decides to destroy moon Do I need to explain? 5. go find Trin; North or East? Arrive in Ludendorf; at this point you can either go north or east; you decide to go east H. Meet Gold Dragon You happen upon a great wyrm gold dragon and can either fight it (shane) or talk peaceably with it. You decide just to talk to it and you receive a luckstone and some money



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